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    第一個回答:mulberry tree是一個尊重孩子自由成長的地方。他們不但有充沛的戶外活動空間,而且每週還安排小朋友遠足。學校準備的食物也是非常健康的,這些與我自己的養育方針非常契合。

    第二個回答:mulberry tree的學習與生活和我的預期一致。

    第三個回答:在mulberry tree的生活學習中,老師們發掘了很多我的孩子jinyichiro的優點,讓孩子也非常喜歡返學。這一點也是讓我非常開心的

    第四個回答:我推薦mulberry tree的理由是,它很有日式幼稚園的特質,尊重孩子的天性,給予孩子們充分自由的玩耍,以及釋放天性的一切機會。因為我一直堅信只有充分的玩耍才有利於幼兒健康成長。

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    "Mulberry Tree…ticks all our boxes… So thrilled to FINALLY find a school in HK that is flexible and nurturing. Allison and her team of teachers go above and beyond. Definitely worth a thought if the typical

    HK education system isn't a

    good fit for your family.”


    - Alexandra Le Jeune, 2017



    “My daughter has grown and learned so much here! A really different approach from the typical Hong Kong school.

    We're so glad we found it!”


    - Jessica Kuwata, 2015



    “Most dedicated teachers who would

    want to work with you.”


    - Sunny Lee, 2015



    “I love The Mulberry Tree Progressive Unschool very much and so does my daughter …(she) explored the classroom herself full of confidence. I am so happy to see her to learn through playing.”


    - Tha Is, 2014


    How will my child transition from Mulberry Tree to a more traditional approach either at a local primary school or at an international school?


    Although Mulberry Tree is play-based, we have a curriculum and regular assessments to ensure that learning does take place, as we support each child in their optimal development. Our curriculum is emergent and we integrate outdoor play, the arts, and other methods into learning, and thus learning is not limited to academics in the classroom. From the age of 4 our staff will gradually implement the assessments provided by the EDB so that by the time your child graduates, she possesses all the knowledge she needs to succeed in any primary school.


    If continuing on with the Mulberry Tree approach is not feasible for us in the long term, is it better to not enroll at all and go directly to a traditional approach in the local system?


    Your child will graduate from Mulberry Tree a confident, multilingual child who can think for himself, who can and will stand up for himself and come to you for help if he needs it. Our approach will put your child in a better position to handle any system or obstacle that life presents in her future. Indeed it is better to have a firm foundation at an earlier age when the child’s personality, character, and mental and physical development are still forming, than none at all, or at a much later age, because it sets the tone for the rest of her life. Your child will be able to adapt to the traditional environment but still know his own mind. He will have a researching mind that will keep on seeking and keep on learning, because here at Mulberry Tree, learning is part of life.


    Will my child learn enough Cantonese to enter local school?


    We have a multilingual environment with a diverse team of Language Facilitators that speak only in their native language to the students. We support Cantonese, Putonghua and English. Over time, because of this exposure, our students are truly multilingual. We are able to achieve this because we give the children many opportunities to listen to and speak in different languages both with the Language Facilitators and their peers. There are many proven benefits and advantages to your child becoming multilingual. They can develop more confidence and self-esteem, have more choices in terms of career and future job-opportunities, and will be able to live and adapt to different cultures when living abroad. Studies have also shown that a child’s analytical, social and literacy skills are also greatly improved when exposed to multiple languages.