• Our Approach


    At Mulberry Tree, as educators, we recognize children as active learners with an immense capacity for problem-solving and decision making. Our learning through play programme fosters your child’s instinct for enquiry and exploration of the world around them. We aim to nurture independence and cultivate curiosity, whilst developing confidence and social skills. A facilitator works in partnership with the children, helping to guide their interests and imagination. Unlike in a traditional school the unique environment we have carefully created plays a crucial role as a “ third teacher ”, providing much inspiration for learning.


    Our multilingual curriculum combines the strengths of both Montessori and Reggio Emilia education principles. Thus, we are able to offer an emergent, project-based curriculum that is ambitious, progressive and inherently child-centred. With a strong focus on practical learning and the Arts, we provide a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop your child’s creative and capable mind.




    Mulberry Tree啓智成立於2013年,結合蒙特梭利和瑞吉歐的教學理念,提供一個多元文化的語言環境,現時主要運用英語、廣東話和普通話融入日常流程,日後還會加入更多不同語言。








    Mulberry Tree 啓智認為與家長以至世界的協同合作也有利孩子的成長發展,我們相信孩子、家長和教師是成長的核心伙伴,冀望在一個有愛和包容的小社區裏,每個人都能共同合作滋養和啓發孩子。


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  • Image of the Child

    Children are capable.

    Children can discover and do things by themselves.

    Children discover things in their own time.

    Children own their emotions, they have the right to feel whatever they feel.


    Children move at different paces.

    Children are naturally curious,

    they ask questions and they formulate answers to questions,

    they don’t need to know the answer from us right now.


    Children are unbiased.

    Children are decision-makers.

    Children can be trusted,

    they are worthy of our respect.


    Children are creators.

    Children are scientists, and play is their research.

    Children construct their own knowledge.

    Children are independent and strong.